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Magnesium Hydroxide: The Game-Changer in Flame Retardant Additives.

Discover why magnesium hydroxide is the undisputed champion of flame retardants. With its exceptional fire-resistant properties, Magnesium Hydroxide ensures increased safety, making it the top choice for a range of industries. Don't settle for second best when it comes to fire safety. Choose magnesium hydroxide additive for proven and reliable protection.

flame used in roofing

Magnesium hydroxide a highly versatile, non-toxic, and odorless powder used extensively in various industrial and manufacturing applications, including water and wastewater, construction, and electronics, to name a few. Often known as an alkalinity source for acidic wastewater, the powder's other remarkable attribute lies in its effectiveness as a halogen-free flame retardant additive, significantly reducing the environmental impact of products while maintaining high fire safety standards. This makes it a valuable component of many manufacturing processes where fire safety and environmental impact are critical considerations.

Properties of Magnesium Hydroxide

a need for eco friendly mineral additives like magnesium hydroxide

Magnesium hydroxide is a sustainable and safer option compared to traditional flame

retardants. It doesn't contain harmful substances such as halogens, heavy metals, or antimony compounds, making it eco-friendly. Additionally, magnesium hydroxide is biodegradable and doesn't threaten the environment or food chain. When exposed to heat, magnesium hydroxide releases water vapor with a cooling effect. This helps dilute the combustible gas concentration, ultimately reducing the heat released from a fire and minimizing the production of smoke. These properties make magnesium hydroxide an ideal choice for fire safety.

Magnesium Hydroxide in Flame Retardant Applications:

Magnesium hydroxide is a versatile and accessible additive that can be easily incorporated into different materials, such as plastics, rubbers, textiles, and coatings. It does not affect the physical or mechanical properties of the materials and can even improve their performance in some cases. Due to its excellent smoke suppression properties, magnesium hydroxide is a popular choice for electronics and circuit boards, where smoke can be a significant hazard. It can be used in various applications, such as 

Examples of applications that use MgOH2 as a flame retardant additive
Examples of applications that use MgOH2 as a flame retardant additive
  • thermoplastics

  • electronics

  • electrical devices

  • wires and cables

  • building and construction materials

  • flooring applications

  • aluminum composite panels

  • roofing components/TPO roofing

  • insulation materials

  • transportation (airlines, trains, and automobiles)

  • paints and resins

More on Safety:

magnesium hydroxide additive can help in fire related emergencies

Magnesium hydroxide is highly effective in reducing the risk of fire and its environmental impact. When burned, it does not release toxic gases or residues, making it a safer option than many alternatives. In a fire, the water vapor released by magnesium hydroxide absorbs heat energy, lowering the temperature and preventing the flames from spreading. The smoke suppression capability is crucial in maintaining visibility during emergencies and facilitating safe evacuation procedures. This property is especially beneficial for electrical systems as it significantly enhances fire resistance and reduces the risk of fire-related accidents.


So... What I am saying is:

Magnesium hydroxide is an adaptable and highly efficient flame retardant additive that can benefit a broad range of industries and applications. It is a safe and sustainable solution that can help manufacturers improve their products' fire safety and environmental performance while complying with regulatory requirements and market demands for greener and safer solutions. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their products while maintaining high standards of safety and performance. 

By incorporating magnesium hydroxide into their products, manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of a highly effective and safe flame retardant while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

And...Here is how we know:

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Garrison Minerals, The Magnesium Hydroxide Industry Leader

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