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AlkapHix® offers application versatility with uncompromised

service and support from our expert team at Garrison Minerals.


AlkapHix®  is a fully customizable, industrial-grade magnesium hydroxide produced as a slurry or dry powder that offers a safe, predictable reaction when used in treatment processes. 

​Given a wide range of applications, AlkapHix® provides an alkalinity source and pH buffer throughout the wastewater treatment process.  Because magnesium hydroxide is nonhazardous, AlkapHix® is a safer alternative than other chemicals such as caustic soda or lime. Additional benefits include, decreased sludge generation and reduced chemical consumption.  

AlkapHix® dry powder can result in significant freight savings when mixing equipment is available onsite.



  • Industrial wastewater

  • Municipal wastewater

  • Fire retardant/suppressant

  • Pulp & paper

  • Acid Mine Drainage

  • Power Generation

  • Cement

  • Combustion fuel additive

  • Plastics

  • Soil Amendment