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We take pride in growing and developing a team that is customer focused and determined to continue their industrial knowledge ensuring our problem solving and innovation are the best in the game.

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Wheat Ridge, CO. Headquarters

Mac McCreless

Managing Director

+1 970.310.7519 | Mobile

+1 720.389.7609 | Office

Chris Vinton


+1 720.389.7609 | Office

Jason Whetzal

Director of Operations

+1 720.503.3523 | Mobile

+1 720.389.7609 | Office

Jennell Verow

Marketing Director

+1 720.389.7609 | Office

Mark Kupfer

Director of Sales

+1 720.325.4068 | Mobile

+1 720.389.7609 | Office

Denver, CO. Research Facility

Kevin Marshall

Research Engineer

Jacob Joachim

Process Engineer

Crandall, Georgia Plant

Will Powell

Regional Sales Manager

+1 706.264.9179 | Mobile

Johnny Briggs

Plant Manager

+1 706.483.5893 | Mobile

Cheyenne, Wyoming Plant

Corey Wilson

Operations Manager

+1 720.814.2024 | Mobile

Manny Segovia

Project Coordinator

Max Herrera

Project Coordinator

Mission Statement


As a premier supplier of magnesium hydroxide and other industrial minerals, Garrison Minerals strives to innovate product quality, project management, and customer service.


From harnessing efficiencies in the more traditional magnesium uses to developing revolutionary applications for wastewater treatment, pharma & nutraceuticals, pulp & paper, and more, Garrison Minerals can help craft your unique solution.


Offering 24-hour availability, dependable logistics, and hands-on product expertise beyond any other supplier, Garrison Minerals has the tools, talent, and work ethic to tackle your next project – no matter how tough.

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