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In addition to direct sales and distribution,  Garrison Minerals partners with the following industry experts who are essential to our success and ability to serve our customers.

If you are interested in becoming a Garrison Minerals partner or distributor,  drop us an email at


Visit the CIMBAR website 

for more information

Garrison Minerals’ relationship with CIMBAR Performance Minerals began in 2008 and continues today.  Cimbar Performance Minerals is a global leader in the delivery of performance mineral-based additive solutions across multiple markets and industries specializing in barium sulfate, talc, alumina trihydrate (ATH), and magnesium hydroxide. Headquartered in Chatsworth, GA USA, Cimbar operates nine (9) plants in the US with global operations in Mexico, China, and Pakistan.

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Visit the Carbon Management Strategies website for more information

Garrison Minerals has a strong partnership with Carbon Management Strategies based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  CMS, led by Dr. Will Morris, prepares technology assessment and project development designed around carbon capture initiatives.  Carbon Management Strategies provides expertise in the IRS 45Q tax initiative, enhanced oil recovery, and CO2 utilization.​

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Visit the Big Blue Technologies website for more information

Our newest partner, Big Blue Technologies, develops high-temperature chemical processing technologies to aid in the manufacture of magnesium and other lightweight materials. With their patent-pending reactor and process designs, magnesium production is inherently less energy-intensive and economically attractive.  BBT is based right here in Denver, CO.

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Visit the Applied Specialties Inc. for more information

Garrison Minerals has an established working relationship with Applied Specialties, Inc., which includes innovative product and consulting collaboration.  Applied Specialties, based in Avon Lake, Ohio, is an industry-leading water treatment company that like Garrison Minerals, is customer-focused and safety conscious.

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Visit the Diversified Minerals INC. website for more information

Diversified Minerals is uniquely equipped to provide single point sourcing for all your construction and environmental products meeting all ASTM, API, and LEED standards.


Visit the Zee Company website for more information

Zee Company canvases the industry with the best intervention products and the most effective wastewater treatment options, backed by the best service in the industry (Focus: Food & Beverage and Water & Energy)

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