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Unleash the Power of Nature with Garrison Minerals: NSF-Certified PWS Chemicals for a Safer Tomorrow

At Garrison Minerals, we take pride in being at the forefront of environmentally friendly solutions. Our certified Potable Water System (PWS) chemicals deliver exceptional performance while ensuring a safer and more sustainable future.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the transformative potential of our NSF-certified products, such as AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, and how they can revolutionize water treatment processes for a greener tomorrow.

Glass of clean treated water

As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainable values, we stand ready to meet their needs with innovative solutions that prioritize the health of our planet.


Championing NSF Certified PWS Chemicals

We are committed to offering top-notch water treatment solutions that adhere to the most stringent industry standards. Our PWS chemicals, as listed on NSF International's website, undergo rigorous testing and certification to satisfy demanding quality, safety, and efficacy criteria.

1. AlkapHix®: Balancing pH, Enhancing Quality

fifty pound bag of NSF certified AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide

Alkaphix® Magnesium Hydroxide by Garrison Minerals is the ultimate solution for pH adjustment in potable water systems. It is designed to maintain the proper pH level, crucial for maintaining water quality and preventing corrosive conditions in distribution systems. With Alkaphix®, achieving the ideal pH balance is now easier than ever, resulting in improved water quality and extended lifespan of infrastructure. Certified as a PWS chemical, Alkaphix is a safe and efficient option for all applications.

2. OxipHix®: Efficient Water Purification

fifty pound bag of NSF certified OxipHix® magnesium oxide

OxipHix® Magnesium Oxide is the ideal water purification solution that efficiently filters out solids and removes heavy metals. Using magnesium oxide instead of lime can precipitate metals more effectively, resulting in a more compact and easier-to-handle sludge. NSF certification ensures that OxipHix® maintains water purity and protects public health. Its certification is a testimony to its safety and effectiveness, giving water treatment facilities the confidence to deliver clean and safe drinking water to consumers.


High-Performance Water Treatment

At Garrison Minerals, we offer NSF-certified PWS chemicals, including AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, that guarantee exceptional performance in water treatment processes. Our products ensure the perfect pH balance and effective filtration, surpassing regulatory requirements and delivering top-quality water. With AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, water treatment facilities can significantly improve operational efficiency while providing exceptional water treatment services.

Environmentally Conscious Solutions

We place great importance on environmental responsibility. We prove this through our steadfast dedication to sustainable water treatment practices. Our products, AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, are a testament to this commitment, as we carefully formulate them to minimize ecological impact while maintaining their safety and effectiveness. Opting for AlkapHix® and OxipHix® is vital in achieving our ultimate objective of protecting our planet's water resources for future generations.

By incorporating AlkapHix® and OxipHix® into their water treatment processes, facilities contribute to a more environmentally-friendly water treatment industry

Garrison Minerals is dedicated to investing in research and development to provide safe and sustainable alternatives to conventional chemicals. Our products can help us all actively participate in fostering a more sustainable water treatment industry.

clean treated drinking water in glasses


We at Garrison Minerals take pride in being a leader in environmental responsibility and advanced water treatment solutions. Our NSF-certified PWS chemicals, such as AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, are listed on NSF International's website, assuring our customers that they can confidently embrace a sustainable future while enjoying the best water treatment performance.

We invite you to join us in our mission to preserve and safeguard our planet's most essential resource - water. Together, let's harness the power of nature with Garrison Minerals and create a safer, eco-friendlier world for everyone.

Visit our website to explore AlkapHix® and OxipHix®, along with our complete range of sustainable products, and make a difference today!

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