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Transition from Traditional pH Control Methods to Mg(OH)2 with AlkapHix®

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Are you tasked with reducing costs and maintaining existing equipment standards? If so, you are probably looking at alternative methods to your current corrosive and caustic processes.

AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide provides a safe, cost-saving, and non-corrosive alternative to your more commonly used hydroxides like caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) or lime (calcium hydroxide).

No fear, Garrison Minerals is here to help you with this transition!


What is the difference between magnesium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, and calcium hydroxide?

Though they all provide an alkalinity source and buffer the pH in industrial processes, there are some stark differences.

AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide is non-corrosive and non-hazardous, requiring less safety protocols than caustic or lime. Magnesium hydroxide also acts as an odor-reducing agent which eliminates the need for additional chemicals.

There are also sludge reduction benefits that help to ensure you get more bang for your buck with magnesium hydroxide!

So you have made the decision to transition to magnesium hydroxide...what next?

Our Garrison Minerals team consults with hundreds of facilities just like you and has developed solutions for a variety of challenges.

Below are a few of our most common questions:

  • Do I need additional equipment?

If you would like to begin using AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide slurry in your facility, a storage tank with proper agitation equipment is recommended for long term storage. We can help you through this process as well! We provide consulting on a by-facility basis and have implemented permanent on-site solutions, as well as; flexible mobile solutions for our clients.

In some instances, existing equipment can be modified for the use of magnesium hydroxide.

  • What about power?

If a slurry-based material is desired; then an adequate power supply must be present near the tank location due to the need for an agitating device.

  • Can I just add powdered AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide to my existing system?

Sure. This is an option if you have adequate time for the reaction to occur. Dust control can be a concern, however. Give us a call and we can discuss this option more in-depth.

  • Who else uses Mg(OH)2 or AlkapHix® magnesium hydroxide?

We provide material to a number of industries including, but not limited to: municipal wastewater treatment plants, poultry processing plants, beef processing plants, pork processing plants, food & beverage facilities, metals & plastics, chemical manufacturing facilities, acid etching operations, and many, many more.

Contact Garrison Minerals so we can provide you applicable references.

  • How do I save money?

Magnesium hydroxide typically has a lower pound-for-pound cost than NaOH and it is more effective in adjusting alkalinity, thus using less of the product to accomplish similar or better neutralization. We talk about this more in our PRICE GUIDE blog.


With a brief phone consultation, Garrison Minerals can help you transition your current operations to a less hazardous and cost-saving magnesium hydroxide facility.

Contact Garrison Minerals to discuss your unique wastewater treatment or industrial application requirements.



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