"Copper Concentrate has a green coloring."

Copper Concentrate

Copper Concentrate is commonly purchased by smelters and refineries who then process it into refined copper. It is used in multiple applications but is mainly used in different wiring construction. 

Product Definition

Copper is extracted from underground or open pit mines, then crushed, ground into powder and processed intoCopper Concentrate. Copper Concentrate is the first product of the copper production line and is close to equal parts copper, iron and sulfide. Concentrates will have anywhere from 24% to 36% copper depending on the region they are coming from. Most Copper Concentrate is sold directly to smelters and refineries. These intermediaries process it into refined copper. At this point it is transformed into the array of copper products we see and interact with on a daily basis.


  • Building Wire
  • Communications Cable
  • Power Distribution Cable
  • Appliance Wire
  • Automotive Wire
  • Cable and Magnet Wire


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